Greeting, this WordPress site was first started as I was starting a particular course in college however due to life reasons I had to postpone the continuance of my formal studies in order to prioritize making sure I could keep a roof over the heads of my family and food on the table. I will not go deeply into who I am or what I do but I am a gamer, I am a critical thinker and I greatly enjoy being challenged on a mental level. When I do resume my studies I will continue to use this site for any projects and a blog is requested for by the professors whom I have the pleasure of studying under but I will also be using this site for a few other purposes, I am a role-player some of that happens to be done in the game World of Warcraft while more of it is done in a tabletop setting with games like Dungeons and Dragons, I will be utilizing this site to post stories which either occur during those sessions or that I write up just for the fun of it.



Nothing posted on this site is to be used by anyone other than myself without my permission first, any artwork which gets posted here will either be in the form of art posted with permission of the artist/institution that created it or freely available art from art sites on the internet so that no copyrights are infringed.